Hey my name is Ashton. I am 19 and live in Fort Worth, Texas. I am currently serving in the United States Marine Corp. I'm a lover of all things Robert Downey Jr., Game of Throne, Sherlock, Nikolaj Coster-Waldau and pretty much anything that I find funny or inspirational. I'm a Tumblr fanatic so expect to see me on your dash a lot! I love meeting new people so please don't be afraid to hit me up for a chat.

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Little kid: What’s the largest thing you can think of??

Me: Infinity!!!

Little kid: Yeah, well how about infinity plus two??? haha!!!

Me: Infinity is not present on the number line, you uneducated shit. Infinity is but a concept and cannot be assigned a numerical value, and, thus, it cannot have something added to it to create a larger amount. Fucking educate yourself on basic mathematical ideas before you come at me with that shit.